Wednesday, March 19

A big little announcement.

I'm pregnant!

I have a due date, a midwife, and a LOT of happy relatives.

Yes, Mr. Magpie and I are thrilled.  No, this wasn't planned.  (Seriously.)  Mr. Magpie took three weeks off of work over Christmas.  You do the math.

But I can't blog anymore, for a lot of reasons.  For one thing, this blog seeks to entertain, and entertaining usually turns into complaining.  That's really not who I am; I just have some strong opinions about certain things (everything.)  But it's not healthy to focus on the negative every time I write something.

More importantly, this blog shared a lot of personal details, and that was fine when it was just about me.  But it's not just ME anymore.  I have a human growing inside of me.  A human who will be a real person, with a right to privacy, from the very start.  I understand that we live in an age in which everyone shares everything, all the time; however, I'm not okay with that.  Not when it comes to kids.

I look at my Facebook feed and feel disgusted.  How would YOU have felt if your parents posted every baby picture, every bathtime, every video clip of you dancing around in your underwear, on the Internet?  For HUNDREDS of their "friends" to see?  And on the blogs... every potty training story?  Every medical problem?  Every like and dislike?  And as they get older... where do you draw the line?  Can you?  It gives me the creeps.

Already, I'm complaining.  But I'm trying to make a point.  It doesn't have to be this way.

I'm opting out.  The Internet is officially a Magpie-Baby-Free zone.

But don't worry.  I'm not cutting you off completely.  I recently joined the 21st century and got a smartphone, so I'm on Twitter and reading all of YOUR blogs religiously.

Let's keep in touch.

Ms. Magpie

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  1. AHHHHHH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That's so exciting!!

    I TOTALLY understand and applaud your anti-internet-with-kid decision. I love seeing baby pictures and hearing stories, but I do wonder how their child feels.

    PS does this mean you can just send ME baby pictures :)